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The Big Draw Festival 2020

The Big Draw Festival has encouraged over four million people back to the drawing board since 2000. It has notched up two world records – for the longest drawing in the world (one kilometre) and the greatest number of people drawing simultaneously (over 7,000). The first Big Draw Festival in 2000 attracted 180 partner organisations. Since then, the number has risen to more than 1,000, with over 500,000 people participating each year! 

The Festival is made up of thousands of creative events, activities and workshops across the globe hosted by organisations big and small; from individuals to entire cities!

Greenfield Arts

Our vision is to promote and stimulate creativity, questioning and enquiry to encourage and engage the community to explore a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

To achieve this, we collaborate to produce and commission high quality, dynamic and stimulating arts and creative activity across a range of art forms. We inspire creative opportunities through the work we create and the environment we provide. We have an open and responsive approach to engage different participants and develop audiences.

We have an arts centre facility based in Newton Aycliffe which is also the home to our Greenfield arts team.

Paul Theo Murray

Artist Statement

Paul Theo Murray is a multidisciplinary artist based in North-East England. 

My work in its simplest form is a passionate exploration of humankind's relationship to nature. Through my work, I am continually studying the ways in which we as human beings connect and disconnect from nature and each other in an unconscious way.


Defining my work as drawing – in the widest of senses; my multi-disciplinary practice is informed by a love of mark-making and engagement. With artworks taking shape in various forms such as sculpture, printmaking, installation and photography.

Continuing with the theme of connectivity my work also encourages audiences of the work to participate and engages them in the art-making the process through various artists-led projects. These include community art workshops, collaborative events and interactive exhibitions.